Additional one hour coaching sessions with Sharon Mindock, LCPC Anxiety Coach at $99 each.  These sessions will be tailored to meet your needs.

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Online Anxiety Coach and Counselor

Online Anxiety Coaching Services

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 Online Anxiety Coach

Anxiety coaching can free you up to live a more joyful, free and successful life.  Your problem may not be serious, but with Sharon’ coaching you can eliminate anxiety.  You can become a more confident, positive person.  COACHING with Sharon will help you focus on self-exploration and self-knowledge.

Coaching can help you:

  • Focus on the specific aspects of anxiety that slow you down such as fear of speaking in front of groups
  • Learn to relax and shift your thinking
  • Reflect on aspects of your lifestyle which you believe are placing you under unnecessary stress
  • Prioritize what is important in your life and develop a plan to achieve it
  • Learn ways to reduce stress, anxiety, and worry
  • Improve your mood and your outlook
  • Improve life satisfaction
  • Enhance relationships 

​​​FREE 15 minute coaching session

Talk with Sharon and see how she can help you live a more joyful carefree life in just a few short minutes for FREE.

Online Anxiety Coach - Sharon Mindock, LCPC