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Anxiety Coach

Sharon Mindock

Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor & Anxiety Coach 

Anxiety Coach

Online Anxiety Coach and Counselor, Sharon Mindock, LCPC

Anxiety Coach

Meet Your Online Anxiety Coach and  Counselor , Sharon Mindock

Discover how Sharon Mindock can help you with your anxiety

Sharon Mindock holds a master’s degree in counseling from Western Illinois University. She is a licensed clinical professional counselor as well as a licensed social worker. Her experience includes providing mental health counseling for children, adolescents, individuals and families. Her skills encompass working with diverse populations including: domestic violence and sexual assault survivors, clients with substance abuse issues, the developmentally disabled and the elderly population. With thirty-five years of professional competence, Sharon is practiced in agency administration, grant writing, clinical supervision, strategic planning, and training. Sharon has been an adjunct faculty member in the social work department at Bradley University. She has been a pioneer in developing and delivering school-based mental health services. Currently, she is the Director of Mindock Counseling and Consulting.

Ms. Mindock has received the Children's Hospital of Illinois Advocate of the Year Award, the Barbara Runyon Social Service Provider of the Year Award and the Catholic Diocese of Peoria Pere Marquette Award for Distinguished Service. Her clinical work has been published by the National Counseling Association.

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